Facial Yoga | Fear vs Curiosity

I like making faces. Who doesn’t? I recently found this article that suggests some faces you can make that may preserve the youthful appearance of your face. Bonus! Check that out here: Facial Yoga

Lake Tahoe hidden cove

Source: Apples and Onions

I was on the phone with one of my loveliest friends who has spent a lot of time traveling lately. She recently visited Lake Tahoe and explained that it is a very magical place. No one knows how deep it is or what is at the bottom, she told me, and she imagined that a beautiful crystal castle was deep beneath the surface. I really enjoyed this idea and shared it with another friend, who disagreed completely. Lake Tahoe, he insisted, is a creepy, dark place, with scary fish, where you’d likely meet your death. These two completely different imagined scenarios of the unknown reminded me of a quote I’ve been seeing around Facebook a lot lately. “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.”

Now, there might not be a crystal castle inside Lake Tahoe, but nobody knows for sure, there just might be! And while it may seem likely or more “realistic” to some that it is creepy, dark, scary, etc., it doesn’t seem like there is proof that there is anything to be afraid of either. If we are going to think about something we don’t know anything about, isn’t it more fun, uplifting, enjoyable to imagine something beautiful as a crystal castle? Isn’t that what we would have done when we were young children? At what point do people learn to become so cynical that anything unknown is more likely bad than good?

Ice Castle

Ice Castle

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  1. Pamela
    Posted July 4, 2012 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

    Thank you Ana. I love this viewpoint. You’re absolutely right! We should all look at the world with the wonder and curiosity of a child. The Ice Castle is beautiful.

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